Gefen Center,  Jerusalem


"Changing lives by creating lives"

Keren Gefen serves as a teaching resource to share our unique vision and innovative programs with Jewish communities throughout the world

We invite fertility challenged women to join in our activities.

Our Programs Include:

  1. Fertility Yoga
  2. Mind Body Workshops
  3. CBT Workshops
  4. Transfer with Tranquility - "Individual Therapy"
  5. Chevruta  Jewish Textual Learning and Support Workshop
  6. Nishmat-Gefen Fertility Counselor Program

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Yoga for Fertility

Yoga is a great support for women experiencing infertility. Learn more about Keren Gefen's Yoga for Fertility Courses.

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Black Mind/Body Program

The Stanley & Joyce Black Mind/Body Program, funded by the Stanley & Joyce Black Family Foundation, is an innovative collection of programs.

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Hadassah Rimon

The Hadassah Rimon center located at Hadassah Mount Scopus, is a model project created to give psychological support to all women with fertility challenges, at no cost.

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Funded by Donations

Keren Gefen is funded entirely on donations; including a multi- year grant from Stanley Black (the Stanley & Joyce Black Foundation), the Pratt Foundation (Australia) and private donations.

Testimonials 2

  • I am finally pregnant after 3 years of trying… I really feel that the therapy and Yoga were a winning combination that allowed me to become pregnant...I am now able Read More
  • I am learning to relax, not to be so depressed. To feel body and soul are together I have more strength to cope… Read More
  • I think that the power of a group like this is that it becomes a kind of island for an hour and a half a week, where we can remove Read More
  • You helped me understand my emotions, calm my internal life, better my marital relationship and clarify my thought process. -"C" Read More
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