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Our Mission and Vision

Keren Gefen was established in May 2013 in order to facilitate Mind/Body fertility projects in Israel. Women undergoing fertility treatments often suffer from anxiety, depression, tension, low self-esteem and problems in their relationship with their partner. Research shows that these stressful emotional states lower the fertility potential of women. Consequently, psychological support is an important factor in the treatment of women undergoing fertility treatment.

Israel is committed to the development of families

As a result, every year thousands of women in Israel undergo fertility treatments. The government provides financial support for these physical treatments. In fact, Israel is the highest provider of IVF treatments worldwide per capita, with approximately 29,000 IVF procedures a year. The emotional/psychological toll of these treatments including increased stress, depression, self-esteem issues, and marital problems is enormous. Research supports the obvious assumption that stress and depression is associated with lower pregnancy rates.

Keren Gefen's goal

is to enhance fertility among Israeli women [and men] who are having difficulty conceiving by providing an array of wellness and psychological services to supplement their medical treatment.

Keren Gefen is unique in its ability to support women in a variety of approaches.

It is the only organization of its kind in Israel: it is open to all women at no cost, regardless of where they are treated. Keren Gefen actively reaches out to fertility challenged individuals and groups, and facilitates fertility workshops in the greater Jerusalem area.

Keren Gefen 2016 Half Year Activity Report


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