Mishpacha Magazine - August 2015


Relax, Stretch, Birth by Wendy Elliman [Hadassah Magazine] February/March 2015

Rimon’s outreach begins in Hadassah’s IVF waiting room... “I tell them: ‘You are going through a very hard process. It is normal to feel stressed. We can help.’ I give even those with no interest—as yet!—in joining a support group my phone number, urging them to call me ‘if you want to talk or just to have a good cry.’ I validate what they are feeling.”...by the end of the conversation many agree to come to one of Rimon’s mind-body therapy or yoga groups. “They find it really makes a difference,” says Friedman. “Once these women get through the support door, we try not only to help them get pregnant but also to remind them that their life and marriage are about more than pregnancy...


Does Israel really need new elections? — So Much to Say with Ilene Prusher [TLV1] December 02, 2014 Radio interview from 45:13

"The IVF revolution should focus on psychological support[...] Dr. Karen Freedman, Director of the Karen Geffen [sic] Foundation and of the Rimon Center at Hadassah Hospital, which provides mind body therapy for women going through fertility treatments, says that although Israel offers more free IVF per capita than anywhere else in the world, its funding for psychological support is poor. Stress and depression can be major causes of IVF failure so addressing this could improve the success rate dramatically."

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Direct link to interview, courtesy TLV1


New IVF policy has Israeli women worried about being left behind [Haaretz] February 21, 2014

"It adds a lot of stress right now, and we know that increasing stress decreases fertility,' says Dr. Karen Friedman, who knows Gila through Rimon – the Mind Body Fertility Center at Hadassah University Hospital, Mount Scopus, which she heads. Friedman, a psychologist, cofounded the center to help support women undergoing fertility treatments..."


 The Road to Good News [Mishpacha Magazine] December 24, 2013 (Translated from Hebrew)

"Karen Friedman is a very gentle woman, but when she sits in her clinic at Rimon Mind-Body Fertility Center on Mount Scopus, talking with childless women who have come for encouragement and advice, you discover that she is full of energy and she has the ability to give these women the strength they need so much. 

This is precisely why she founded the center, whose goal is to offer women... "


Center Takes a Holistic Approach to Fertility [Kaleidoscope] November 11, 2013

"As a cognitive behavioral therapist and the mother of eight children with a 10-year gap between the first six and the youngest twins, Dr. Karen Friedman understands both the joy of motherhood and the stress of infertility. She also knows that studies at Harvard and UCLA have shown that reducing stress increases the chances of pregnancy in unexplained infertility Cases."

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